4 Fantastic Screened Porch Ideas

4 Fantastic Screened Porch Ideas

Make the best use of your screened porch in one of these four ways!

A screened porch is an excellent choice for extending the home and having a place to enjoy the outdoors without being “outdoors.” You can keep in the shade, safe from wind, rain, and snow, and still get some fresh air. A screened porch is a place to treat as an extension of the home. Therefore, there are several ways you can enjoy your screened porch year-round.

Dining Room

Though the pergola or pagoda often are features that get a dining table underneath for al fresco dining, a screened porch can also be your go-to space for entertaining. In any season, you can enjoy a festive or casual dining experience in this special room. Because a screened porch is, to some extent, separate from the rest of the home’s decor, you have more flexibility to dress it up or down depending on the occasion.


The most common use of a screened porch, though, is as a lounge. It can be very enjoyable to sit in a sun-filled room with a gentle breeze and read a book or eat breakfast. Furniture with large cushions and an ample supply of blankets can make for a comfortable space either in summer or winter. Paired with a space heater, rug, and stylish lighting fixtures, you have one nice space to relax. Some homeowners may want to install a fireplace on the wall connecting to the house. Just remember to insulate the porch during the colder months with clear vinyl sheets over the inside of the windows.


Another fun way to live in your screened porch is to dedicate it as a play area for your children. Having one main playroom can help contain toys and maintain a more orderly use for each room of the house in general. A screened porch can take the roughage of your children’s imaginations and be a sunny and well-ventilated place for them to spend their time as well.


If your screened porch is attached to your bedroom, it can be the perfect place simply to relax by yourself. A chaise or hammock can be an unusual but perfectly fitting furnishing to the space. Enjoy the sun, enjoy the weather, and enjoy a quiet place to unwind.

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