Outdoor Living Space Trends 2020

Outdoor Living Space Trends 2020

Check out these outdoor living trends of 2020 and see which you might enjoy.

Enjoying nature is an activity that people have enjoyed since time began. In today’s suburban or more rural communities, outdoor living is a way to take in the beauty of the outdoors without leaving home. In 2020, outdoor living space trends will take full advantage of our natural love of spending time outside.

Brings the Indoors Out

Continuing from previous years is the desire to bring the indoors out. Outdoor living spaces like patios and decks have now become extensions of the house. They are no longer merely a place to stand on dry ground. Features like gazebos, pergolas, and pagodas entice a homeowner, even more, to step outside and enjoy the weather in some peace and quiet. These structures are just the beginning of creating an outdoor room that mimics those indoors.

Luxurious Comfort

With the foundational outdoor living structures in place, homeowners now have ample means of furnishing them to their hearts’ content. Designers have worked on the challenge of creating outdoor furniture that is stylish, comfortable, and can withstand the elements. In 2020, you will be able to find plenty of options that are durable and suit your outdoor living habits.

Outdoor Dining

One outdoor living habit that will never go out of style but remains strong in this year is outdoor dining. Under a white, vinyl pergola, your dining experience can be refreshing to you and your guests. It can be even more entertaining with a vine of zucchini or wisteria overhead. There is nothing like eating al fresco. 

Muted Colors

However, when it comes to colors, 2020 will see a trend in furniture with muted cushion colors, such as beiges, tans, and other soft hues. Softer colors can be soothing and adaptable to match with seasonal or changing accessories.

Bold Patterns and Accent Pieces

Meanwhile, 2020 will also see bold patterns and textures. For example, a chair pillow may have a bold and vibrant floral print on it. Accent chairs and accessories like planters may also make their way outside to complete your outdoor living space. 

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