Deck Lighting & Accent Lighting

lighting1Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co. has been in the deck building business since 1987. And there has never been a more popular design feature than deck lighting. I would have to say that at least 90% of our deck and porch customer add lighting to the design. Not only does it add a unique design feature it also extends the functional use of you deck. Most customers think that they will only use there deck during daylight hours, but that whole theory has changed with the introduction of deck lighting.

lighting2Most deck lighting is low voltage; however 110 volt lighting packages are available for your deck. Lighting can be installed using timers which allow you to set the time you want the light to go on and off; the other option is to put them on a photo cell that will tell the lights to come on at dusk and turn them off at sunrise. Deck lighting is generally used to light railing posts, stair cases or your grilling area. However if you have special lighting requirements, such as lighting a planter box or a seating area, I am sure we can accommodate your needs.

lighting3Solar lighting is increasing in popularity and is the easies lighting systems you can install. Most solar lights use rechargeable batteries and need to be replaced from time to time because they wear out from constant charging and de-charging. Solar lighting will not give you as much light as a low voltage or hard wired systems do but can still provide you with enough ambience to allow you to enjoy you deck well into the evening.

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