Patio Heaters & Deck Fire Pits

firepit1Patio heaters are a great way to extend the deck season. Just think on those cool spring or fall nights, you can add warmth and ambiance to you outdoor environment. Patio heaters are available in a wide range of finishes, styles and colors. What ever your needs are you can find a patio heater that works for you.

heater1Most patio heaters are available in either stand-alone or table top versions,and areavailable withpropane, natural gas, infrared and electric. Some of the infrared versionsare available for mounting to a post or underneath a pergola or on a trellis. Just make sure you review the manufactures specifications before you purchase.

heater2Other types of heat sources that are used for patios and decks are fire pits. They are also available in real wood burning versions as well as propane or natural gas. It is recommended that you use a fire mat where ever you are going to place the fire pit. As always when considering a heat source you should use extreme caution as to the location on the deck or patio you are going to use it. Keep them away from you house,railings or any other structure that is flammable. Never leave a patio heater or fire pit unattended. Children should NEVER be left unattended when your patio heater or fire pit is in use.

We have included some links below of some on-line companies that sell patio heaters and fire pits. Here they are!!!!

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