Privacy Screening for Decks

privacy2Every one installing a new deck; is building it for one reason and that is to expand your homes living space. But there is nothing more important to you than your privacy. Well if you’re like most people your new deck is located in a neighborhood were every one can see what you are doing when you are enjoying your new out door environment. The last thing you want to do is to seem like a snob to your neighbors. But if you create privacy screening tastefully it can actually provide two necessary elements to your deck project. The first element is, it gives you the opportunity to add another design feature to the deck project that is unique to your specific design. privacy3The second reason is that it allows you to create some privacy and allows you to enjoy your deck without your neighbors knowing every move you make. Now you can enjoy you morning cup of java or if you are having a family function it makes you and your guests feel special because you have your own private space.

There are so many options available for privacy screening. I am sure we can design something that both meets you budget fits your design and compliments your home. privacy1Privacy screening can be achieved using standard deck building materials. Because we also design and build all types of fencing and trellises, it allows us to incorporate any one of our fence or trellis designs into your decking project, that will really make you deck truly unique. If you are building a wood deck or using one of our low maintenance decking products, I am sure we can design a privacy screen that is an awesome/functional addition to you project.

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