Decking Material Options

deck_materials1One of the most popular choices for your decks walking surface is wood decking. There is numerous species of wood decking materials for you to choose from. Typically in our area pressure treated southern yellow pine is the wood decking material of choice, because of its versatility and cost. Other species commonly use for wood decking are Ipe. better know as Brazilian hardwood, Mahogany and western red cedar. There are several different fastening methods that can be use when you are attaching the decking. For pressure treated decking material the standard way is to either nail it down with ring shank or twisted nails, if you desire you can screw the decking down or use a hidden fastener system which is the most popular way to attach the decking when you are using exotic hardwoods. Keep in mind when you are using western red cedar decking be sure you only use a fastener that is designed for cedar decking, such as stainless steel if you don’t there may be an opportunity for the fastener to bleed on your new cedar decking.

deck_materials2On the other hand low maintenance decking products have really begun to become popular decking choices. Mid Atlantic deck and fence co has been using these low maintenance-decking products since the early 90s. And trust us when we say there are some really great products and there are some really bad products available on the market today. Currently there are over 100 different low maintenance-decking manufactures on the market today. Composite decking is one of the most recognized decking options available today. But as decking technology changes there are some really good opportunities for decking options, which use a cellular technology, PVC. Decking or are manufactured from 100% vinyl. These products are generally more expensive than you standard composite decking but if you are building for longevity and low maintenance you might want to spend a couple of extra dollars and be happy.

deck_materials3Most low maintenance decking materials are either screwed down using color matched decking screws or attached using hidden a fastener system. Some manufactures offer there decking pre-grooved on both sides of the decking board so it makes the hidden fastener system a synch. Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Company strongly recommends you do your own due-diligence and research on what decking material best suites your needs and maintenance tolerance.

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