Deck Benches & Storage Benches

bench3Deck benches are another opportunity to add function as well as additional seating area to your deck design. Benches are usually open in design and can either be attached to the existing deck structure or freestanding so they can be moved to different locations around the deck. Benches are usually designed without backs and sit either alone or up against the house or railing. If the deck design is close enough to grade than the bench can be designed to allow for a back rest. The reasons that allot of counties don’t allow you to do built in benches on any deck that is 30” or higher from grade is because it acts like a ladder affect and there has been allot of injuries from children bench2climbing on the bench and falling over the railings. So that is something you need to keep in mind when you are thinking of adding a bench.

The bench seat offers an opportunity to add a creative design aspect to the deck. Usually a bench seat is constructed out of two to three decking boards and placed parallel to the bench frame. Other options would be is add a picture frame top or a custom inlay to make the bench a little more interesting.bench1 A cushion makes a nice added touch and helps to bring some color to the design. Another option to make the bench more functional,is make it a storage bench, after all we are all looking for additional storage. It’s a great place to store cushions, grilling utensils or gardening equipment for your deck scaping projects.

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