Deck Design Patterns

Flooring Patterns

Now that we have discussed some of your deck flooring options, it is time to discuss which type of flooring patterns you are going to use. Shown below are some examples of different flooring patterns and options. Keep in mind what has become really popular is to single or double picture frame you deck with lets say a darker color decking material and the inner part of the decking be a lighter color. This really makes for a custom unique look. You can also add custom inlays in you decking like you see done with tile flooring.

Examples of Flooring Patterns (Let your imagination go)

  • Parallel to the house
  • Angled Decking
  • Herring Bone Decking
  • Single Picture Frame with Parallel Decking
  • Double Picture Frame with Parallel Decking
  • Custom Inlays

NOTE: You can also add angled flooring to any single or double picture framing decking options

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