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Pools are a great source of fun and entertainment for the entire family and can create many years of fond memories that you will never forget. But safety is one of the most important things you have to keep in mind when you are deciding on weather or not to install your new pool. Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence Co has been installing fencing and supplying materials for pool fencing since 1987. We work directly with most of the areas largest pool companies in Maryland. Mid Atlantic has installed thousands of fences keeping your kids and pets safe and has provided many homeowners with piece of mind when it comes to having your new pool installed.

Mid Atlantic offers many different styles and options of fencing for pools. Whether you choose wood fencing, vinyl fencing, ornamental aluminum or steel fencing, we will make sure that the fence you choose meets your county code, fits your budget, and compliments your home.

We have attached some links listed below for your convenience that should help when you are inquiring about pool fencing. Remember all counties pool code requirements may very a little and may change at any time. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask you estimator and they will be glad to help.

Thanks for the opportunity to help you make your backyard dreams come true!

Pool Codes By County

Pool Safety Organizations

The pool fencing ideas you consider should reflect and align with why you want to enclose your pool in the first place. Is your pool fence primarily for decoration, privacy or security? In every case, child and pet safety will factor into every design decision, but aesthetics and functionality also need to be part of the pool fence design as well.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission an estimated 260 children under the age of 5 years of age drown each year in residential swimming pools and spas and another 3000 children under the age of five are treated in hospital emergency rooms following submersion accidents each year.

child_gateLGThere are many popular material choices and styles of pool fencing to choose from, some of these choices are wood, metal and vinyl. Wood fences are typically made of cedar or pressure-treated pine. A swimming pool fence made of cedar tends to last longer, as it has a natural resistance to insects and moisture also cedar fencing tends not to warp and crack as bad as pressure treated pine. Aluminum, steel and vinyl pool fences, particularly vinyl and aluminum, have an even longer life span and require less maintenance.

The vertical pickets should be no more than 4″ apart, and the barrier should be no less than 4ft tall. Some counties require 5ft or 6ft tall pool fence barriers. This is to prevent kids from squeezing through or climbing over the pool fence. Any horizontal framing members should be faced on the inside of the pool fence to prevent kids from getting a foothold for climbing. Always check with your local build code agency or your local officials to ensure the fence you have chosen will meet all necessary pool fencing codes. These are just a few guide lines to follow, BUT ALWAYS check with your local permit and inspection office as codes will change from time to time.

In closing, if you are having a new pool installed, or are looking to replace that old warn out pool fence keep in mind there are many options available that will not only serve its intended purpose but will compliment your home fit your budget and meet your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: Pool Fences are NOT a substitute for adult supervision

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