Maintenance Tips for Your Screened in Porch

Screened porch

Have you finally finished building your new screened in porch? In this post, we will go over the maintenance that is needed to keep your new space in tip-top shape.

When you ultimately finish installing your screened in porch, the first few months are nothing but glorious. Having the ability to relax on your porch and enjoy the breezes that come by can make any hard day at work worth it. Keeping up with the maintenance of your new area is dependent on a few factors, for example, the type of wood you decided to use in the flooring can cause the amount of maintenance to build up over time. In this post, we will go in depth about the yearly maintenance and other maintenance projects you will have to complete to make sure your screened in porch is in peak condition all year long.  

Yearly Cleaning

Just like any room in your home, the most important maintenance project year round is to make sure your screened in porch is clean and doesn’t get too dirty. Sweep the porch every few days and dust off all the surfaces in the area of the porch. To preserve the look of your wood floors scrub or mop every few weeks and use a cleaning solution that won’t damage the floors. During this springtime, the amount of pollen that is released into the air can be too much for some people. Alleviate the amount of pollen by taking out some time to rinse off your screens or wipe down any other exposed surfaces to get rid of the pollen buildup. By doing this, you will reduce you and your families exposure to pollen and keep the screens from becoming too grimy.  

Other Projects

These projects won’t be needed to be done for a few years if you just built your screened in porch although if you had it for a few years, it’s time to do these projects to keep your porch looking like it did on the day you finished installing it. One maintenance project to do is to re-seal the wood floor depending on the material you decided to use. To determine if it’s the right time to re-seal the floor keep up to date on the wear and tear of the screened porch, this will make it easier to determine how often the floor need resealing. The average amount of time between resealing is every five to seven years, and it’s imperative you use a high-quality sealant brand that also won’t damage your floor. Another project that needs to be done in a few years after owning your screen in porch is to keep up with the screen doors if your doors start to squeak hit the hinges with some WD-40 to alleviate the rust. Also, if the screens start to come off, make sure to replace the screen so no insects can get into your space.

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