Designing around Your Gazebo

Designing around Your Gazebo

There is more than one way to spruce up a gazebo in your backyard.

Gazebos are beautiful outdoor features where one can relax and entertain. Whether your backyard is large or small, a gazebo can give your property the ideal place to spend time in the fresh air. It can be the focal point of the landscape. However, with a feature so prominent, you will need to think about how it fits the rest of the space. 

What Type of Gazebo?

Gazebos come in different shapes and sizes. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence offers gazebos in varying sizes, colors, and styles. You can also choose between vinyl and wooden gazebos to suit your style. Vinyl gazebos will need powerwashing once in a while, but wooden ones will need resealing every two or three years. Depending on the style and coloration of your house, you will either go with an ornate or simple style. As a plus, Mid-Atlantic can screen your gazebo so that you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the bugs.

Placement of the Gazebo

For entertainment purposes, installing a gazebo at the end of your deck can be the perfect way to go. Your deck provides a ready-made pathway to get from your home to your outdoor feature. The placement of your gazebo depends on what its purpose will be. For example, if you want it to be a private getaway, you may want to put it at the end of the yard or on a high point. If you want it to be an entertainment or play area, you may wish to have it closer to the house. 

Designing Around the Gazebo

Likewise, the landscaping and hardscaping around your gazebo need to make sense for the style and size it offers your yard. If you have a traditional gazebo with detailed carvings, a flagstone walkway and classy flowers will go well with it. If you want the gazebo to be a private sanctuary, you may consider training floral vines to grow around its walls or flowering shrubs. If you want it to be a place to view the land, low-growing plants will be your best option. 

While it may be exciting to consider all the possibilities for your gazebo and your property, the first step in making it happen is getting the gazebo. Come to Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence’s store location in Gambrills, MD to have a better look!

Call Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence For Your New Gazebo!

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence has almost 30 years of experience in building beautiful custom fences, gazebos, screened-in porches, and decks throughout the state of Maryland. We have the expertise to design your dream fence or custom deck and have it installed in a headache-free process. Give us a call at 1-800-833-9310 or visit us online for a quote today! We offer many different styles of fencing and decking, in addition to custom options designed specifically to suit your preferences and tastes. To see examples of our work and get more tips on how to choose the right decking for your family, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Houzz, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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