Screened-in-Porch Design Ideas

Screened-in-Porch Design Ideas

To create the best screened porch design for your home, consider the following design ideas.

The screened-in-porch has been making a comeback in the last few years. Once widespread in the earlier half of the 20th century, and now popular again, this outdoor structure mixes the outdoors with the indoors that a gazebo, pergola, or pagoda cannot. The latest screened-in-porch designs are not what you would imagine either; they are sleek, stylish, and can fit whatever your tastes are. Below are some creative ideas on how to pull it off on your home. 


Placement is a more complicated subject than one might think at first. Stylistically, some may say that attaching a sunroom to the side or back of your house is better than screening in your front porch. At the same time, one must consider the lighting, view, and connection to the house. Some might prefer to put a screened room on the north side of the house where it’s cooler, or on the south side where it will receive a lot of sun. If your home faces glorious sunsets, your screened porch may go there also, as long as it is not blocking the view from the rest of the house. Yet another idea for placement is under the deck in the backyard. 

Connection to the House

Once you have figured out the best side of the house your screened-in-porch should go, it’s time to think about how you will connect it to the house. Easily, one can join the spaces with a sliding door and call it a day. It is common for extensions to lead off from the kitchen and dining room. Another option, on the other hand, is to connect the porch to a great room or basement. This design can lend itself to creative connections, not only joining the two through a door but through a double-sided fireplace as well.

Additional Screened-Porch Installations

An outdoor fireplace is a popular addition to a screened-in-porch. These outdoor living structures are fabulous for the spring and summer months, keeping one from the rain, the heat, and the bugs. In the fall and winter, however, a fireplace is the perfect solution to make the screened porch cozy when it’s cold. These days, installers can add all the paraphernalia that might go on a deck or an interior room alike. One can add anything from a grill to a TV to a set of sconces or a chandelier. The screened-in-porch of today is full of potential. 

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