How to Use the Space Under Your Deck

How to Use the Space Under Your Deck

If you have extra space under your deck, here are a few ideas for what you can do with it.

Given a certain height, you may find that space under your deck to be awkwardly empty, just waiting to be turned into something marvelous. It’s free real estate that invites you to use a space in a way you might not have imagined having before. If you’re looking for ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Below are five ways you can use that space under your deck.

1. Storage

If there is not enough room below the deck to create another room, it can be the ideal space to store outdoor gear. You may want professional help to figure out how to waterproof the underside of the deck while keeping the drainage on the deck functional. A plastic tarp on the ground can help keep your supplies from moisture and mold.

2. Patio

If you do have enough space under the deck to make into an outdoor living space, a patio is one fantastic option to consider. With a nicely paved patio underneath the deck, that awkward space can become an outdoor dining area or a place to lounge with custom or patio furniture. 

3. Play Area

Another option is to create an outdoor play area for the kids. Children love to play outdoors, and time in the sunshine, along with shade provided by the deck overhead, can give children the fresh air and stimulation they need to thrive. A play area can have a sandbox, swing, or other fun objects to transform the place.

4. Swing

Speaking of swings, you could also take advantage of the beams overhead and enjoy this swaying bench. These are fairly easy to purchase and install, and can be excellent for relaxation and socialization. Some even say that enjoying a swing can boost scientifically boost happiness and increase blood circulation. Pair that fact with the nourishment of spending time outdoors, and the choice is easy.

5. Screened-in Porch

If you are a more indoors kind of a person, but still do take delight in the fresh breeze, closing off that space under the deck entirely and creating a screened-in porch might be your best option. Its ideal time for use would be spring and summer, but one can use heaters to enjoy it in the fall and winter as well.

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