Best Placement for a Gazebo

Best Placement for a Gazebo

Thinking of installing a backyard gazebo? Here are tips for the best placement.

Even with all the comforts of having a home keep out the wind and rain, there’s nothing quite like an outdoor living space. Homeowners across the centuries have enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine through various outdoor structures, like the deck, the pergola, the pagoda, and the gazebo. A gazebo can appear in multiple forms, but it has its particular design. If this structure strikes your fancy, read on to learn the best placement for a gazebo.

What Is a Gazebo?

A gazebo seems to have different definitions, and sellers of gazebos seem to use the word synonymously with pergolas, pavilions, and pagodas. Like other outdoor structures, a gazebo has a roof and is open on all sides. What sets it apart is that it has a floor, is often octagonal, and usually has railings on all sides. Sometimes, it may also have screening and built-in benches along the inner perimeter. It is an ideal space for relaxing, dining, and enjoying nature.

On High Ground

One of the best places to situate a gazebo is on high ground. While you sit in your gazebo, you want to be able to look around you at a gorgeous view of the land or a sunset. It would not be nice at all if your gazebo sat in a shadowy trench surrounded by foliage and trees. This structure needs to sit on high and level ground for the best stability and the best views.

On the Deck

One option for placement on high ground is at the edge of a deck. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence can build a gazebo into your decking and create a stunning focal point as well as an extra living space. If the sun gets too hot or the rain ruins your party, you can compromise and enjoy the outdoors under the gazebo’s roof while still on deck. Plus, your gazebo can be vinyl or wood, to match the decking material.

Beside Water

If you have a water feature in your backyard of any kind, whether it’s a swimming pool, a waterfall fountain, or a birdbath, positioning a gazebo nearby can be a great bonus to your yard. You want your gazebo to enhance the space as a focal point, but also have a great view from within it. To get the best opinion possible as to the placement of a gazebo for your property, contact Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence today!

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