Benefits of a Backyard Pagoda

Benefits of a Backyard Pagoda

Considering installing an outdoor living space? A backyard pagoda may be your best choice.

When you think of a pagoda, you likely think of the tiered towers in India and East Asia. You may not realize that a pagoda can also become a part of your backyard. Pergolas and gazebos seem to be far more well-known, but pagodas also have their perks as a backyard feature too. In a much simpler, yet just as stable form, a pagoda for your backyard can be stunning and very useful. With four columns and a shingled, pyramid-like roof, the benefits of a backyard pagoda are many.

A Solid Roof

One of the best features of a pagoda is that it has a solid roof. Unlike with a pergola, you can sit under a pagoda while still enjoying the outdoors without getting wet. You can also be sure that the flooring and furnishings won’t get soaked through after a storm. 

A solid roof also means complete shade. If you want to enjoy the outdoor air and the sounds of nature, but not be totally in the elements, a pagoda will keep you shaded and on firm ground. 

Flexible Entertaining Space

The space within a backyard pagoda is also very flexible. With no built-in seats, you can customize and rearrange outdoor furnishings any way you’d like. You can even have a dining set. If you want to create a dance floor, you can easily move the furniture out and back in again. Another option is to take the joy of the porch swing into the backyard. Porch swings, hammocks, and more can easily be hung from the ceiling of a pagoda.

Keep Away the Bugs

Pagodas are not limited in their form. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence can also screen-in the pagoda for you and create an airy outdoor space that’s safe from the bugs. 

With the flexible uses and benefits of a backyard pagoda, ideas for your outdoor living room abound. For a visual on what Mid-Atlantic can do for you, take a look at our gallery here.

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