The Benefits of a Vinyl Pergola

The Benefits of a Vinyl Pergola

If you are thinking of adding a pergola to your backyard, see how a vinyl one might be the choice for you.

Pergolas have grown in popularity as a backyard structure. Its design goes back to ancient times, and today stands just as regally. Pergolas can come in different materials, such as wood and fiberglass, but vinyl has its benefits without many of the cons of wood. For this reason, Mid-Atlantic stopped providing wood pergolas in favor of vinyl ones. Here are the benefits of a vinyl pergola that make them the best.


A pergola is not a reasonably-priced investment. The average cost across the country for a standard 10’x10’ pergola is $3,600. For a do-it-yourself project, you can save around $500. On the whole, a pergola is not the most expensive item to install in a backyard and is worth its price in the enjoyment that will come from using it. If you have any questions for pricing at Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence, give them a call or visit them online for a quote. 


Mid-Atlantic has been selling vinyl products since 1999, and the material has proved to be worthy. Vinyl is sturdy and smooth, impervious to rot, termites, warping, cracking, and chipping like wood is. Wood pergolas come with some effort of maintenance; like wood fences and decks, they need sanding, sealing, and repainting from time to time. A vinyl pergola, on the other hand, only needs an occasional power wash to keep it looking like it did when it was first erected.

Some Shade, Some Sun

Besides the affordability and material of a pergola, its very design has advantages. A pergola is not a gazebo, nor is it a pavilion or pagoda. It is a structure with columns, a slatted roof, and no floor. It is the best of both worlds for people who want some direct sunshine, as well as some shade. Depending on the time of day, your vinyl pergola will provide more or less shade or sun. If you want to keep enjoying the outdoor space while keeping dry, you can install clear plastic panels on top. Another way to add shade is to decorate the pergola with vines like ivy or wisteria.


The best part of all is that with Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence offers you the option to bring your custom design to life. If you have ideas for your dream pergola that don’t come in one of their design kits, bring it to them, and they will help you out!

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