6 Ways to Enjoy Your Deck This Fall

6 Ways to Enjoy Your Deck This Fall

Keep one step ahead. Take on these furnishing tips to best enjoy your deck this fall.

In early August, the chilly months of autumn seem a world away. We’re still enjoying the outdoors and all it has to offer, and the backyard deck is no exception. While the deck may be your prime location to relax and entertain in the warm summer sun, there’s no need to pack all the fun away when fall comes around. There are ways to enjoy your deck year-round, and fall is just the start.

1. Wash, Stain, and Seal the Deck

Before we get to the fun and games, there are certain preparations to make. The transitional period of late summer to early fall is the perfect time to get some annual maintenance tasks completed. Fixing warped or cracked wood boards is one step. Properly washing, staining, and sealing your wood deck will keep it in prime condition and keep built-up dirt, algae, fungus, and mold at bay. If you have a composite deck, you only have to worry about giving it a good power wash.

2. Keep Your Summer Furnishings Out

The best practice in maintaining your patio furniture is to protect them from both too much direct sunlight and from the snow.  However, it is not necessary to pack away your furniture in the fall. Your cushions can survive a little chill and weather. While they’re out, take some time to clean according to their material. When snow is in the forecast, then it’s time to put them away. 

3. Add Lights

Before it gets too dark in the evenings, now is a great time to think about lighting options to keep your deck space alive with activity. You may also want to consider adding lighting to your landscape or hardscape to make getting around outside easier.

4. Add Warmth

As the weather gets colder, you’ll want to keep yourself from shivering too much on your patio couch. There are many ways to add warmth to your outdoor living area. A fire pit, outdoor heaters, and generous blankets are just a few options.

5. Décor 

Don’t forget about the decorations. Mums, pumpkins, and more will truly make your deck fitting with the full festivity of fall.

6. Games 

No time outside in the fall would be complete without games. Carving pumpkins with the family and playing cards with friends while sipping hot cider is certainly worth all the preparatory effort.

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