Wood Deck vs. Composite Deck

Wood Deck vs. Composite Deck

Wood and composite decking both have different characteristics. Which would you prefer?

Looking to put in a deck? You’re making a great investment. It’ll be a place to relax, host family and friends, and get some return on your investment if you ever move away. You may be wondering, though, “Where to start?” Besides a great deck design to locate the perfect size and shape of your future outdoor living space, choosing the material is another major decision. Wooden decks and composite decks are both popular choices, but which might be best for you? Here’s the lowdown on the characteristics of a wood deck vs. composite deck. 

Wood Deck

A wood deck has many advantages, from the stylistic to the practical. Depending on how you look at it, the qualities of a wood deck will outshine decking made of any other material. A wood deck features:

  • A classic look. For the purists, there’s nothing like the look, feel, and smell of real wood. Cedar, treated pine, and Ipe are some of the most common decking materials. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence also offers tigerwood and Brazilian hardwood. Why get fake wood when you can have the real thing?

  • Low cost. Wood costs significantly less than composite materials. If you’re looking for a low upfront cost, wood is a great choice.

  • Cool to the touch. Under the hot searing sun, wood keeps at a cooler temperature more naturally than composite materials. This may make your deck more accessible.

  • Regular maintenance. Wood decks tend to splinter, warp, and rot over time. Their stain color will also fade. Maintenance will require once every 2-3 year fixes, staining, and sealing by yourself or a professional. Other concerns include termite damage.

Composite Deck

Meanwhile, composite decks are the most recent trend in decking materials. Made from a mixture of recycled wood fibers and plastic, this decking material raises the competition.

  • Durability is a composite deck’s strong suit. Composite materials are safe from rot, termites, splintering, and all other ailments that wood decks suffer.
  • Low maintenance. A composite deck is also called a low maintenance deck for a reason. A soap-and-water or powerwash cleaning is all that’s necessary. This saves on cost that a wood deck would eat up.
  • Personalization. Composite decking is available in an array of colors. But unlike wood decking, composite can also have patterns of different types of wood.

  • Presence. A composite deck is a statement, able to redefine a space with prominent beauty that complements the scenery. This will improve the overall value and look of your home. 

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