Best Types of Wood Fencing Material

Best Types of Wood Fencing Material

Wood fencing is a popular choice for Maryland homeowners. Before you get yours, take a look at the different options for material.

It’s time to get a new fence: a wood fence. Wood fencing is everywhere in Maryland, making for an economical, practical, and aesthetically-pleasing choice. It’s a fence that naturally complements the landscape. However, with wood there’s variety in what type of material with which to make it. Below are the most popular types of wood fencing material. 

Pressure-Treated Southern Yellow Pine

Pressure-treated woods are coated so that the wood can be water-resistant, bug-resistant, and overall long-lasting. Pinewood is naturally long-lasting and is inexpensive. It is soft, and so is easy to work with for a custom or standard design. At the same time, it is a durable wood.

Western Red Cedar

Cedar is another top choice in wood fencing material. It has natural oils that are good-smelling and bug-repelling. It is also a particularly beautiful wood. Cedar is also more on the expensive side concerning wood materials, but its quality, beauty, and durability may easily be worth the price. 

White Oak

White oak wins when it comes to horse fencing. Horses tend to chew pine, so white oak is the preferred choice. White oak, untreated, can also last for many years and still remain in good condition. It might need some maintenance, such as routine cleaning and repairing, but white oak is also a durable and inexpensive wood fencing material.


Cypress and cedar tend to be paired together as two strong, aromatic woods, and this pairing is not inaccurate. Cypress too is a material that lasts for decades (if not centuries,) and bears aromatic, bug-repelling oils. It is a beautiful wood that can come with a few knots. It can be more expensive, but can also be a worthy investment.


Redwood is the most expensive wood out of all the top choices, and there’s a reason behind it. Redwood trees take half a century to grow before they can be harvested, and their quality outdoes cedar in two points. Redwood is stronger and more rot-resistant. Redwood also has a beautiful color. A redwood fence will be sure to last for a very long time.

Even so, whichever fencing material you may choose—pressure-treated pine, cedar, white oak, cypress, or redwood—they all have their benefits, and one type over the other may be what you need for your fence. 

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