4 Benefits of a Privacy Fence

4 Benefits of a Privacy Fence

A privacy fence gives more than just privacy. This type of fence has four main benefits.

Having a fence is an investment in your property. It adds to the whole function and looks of your home. A privacy fence, in particular, can be very handy. It is typically solid, and around 4 t-6 feet tall. If your fence is taller than six feet, you will need a permit for that fence if you live in Maryland at least. Anyhow, a privacy fence offers more than simply privacy, as the name suggests. Here are four benefits that a privacy fence can give to your home.

1. Security

A privacy fence functions the same way any fence might; it places a boundary between your property and the outside world, keeping unwanted guests away and you and your loved ones inside to relax and play. Given how high and solid privacy fences tend to be, the threat of thieves decreases greatly. If you are a dog owner, this will allow you to let your dog roam and run freely without fear of your pet running onto the neighbor’s property.

2. Shelter

Because of the broad, tall nature of privacy fences, they also provide shelter to you and your yard from the wind. A property bordered by a high fence will keep greater gusts of wind at bay.

3. Isolation

Isolation is not typically looked upon as a positive condition in which to find oneself, yet a privacy fence allows you to take that breath of fresh air one gets when finally “away from it all.” A privacy fence can not only shield you and your family from the public eye, but also designate your backyard as an outdoor living space as private as your own living room. In addition, a solid fence can have sound-proofing qualities, keeping your noise and your neighbors’ to a minimum.

4. Return on Investment (ROI)

Did I mention a privacy fence has a great ROI? With a secure and private property, not to mention extra-beautiful, the price for your house will go up if you decide to sell. Houses with secure fences also can reduce insurance rates due to the added protection a fence gives.

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