4 Signs that a New Fence May be Necessary for Your Home


4 Signs that a New Fence May be Necessary for Your Home

If you have a wooden fence, there are a few signs that it may be time to replace it.

Fences are an important part of many yards. You may have them for your own piece of mind, knowing that your kids or pets can play safely, or they may be required by law or insurance regulation, like if you have a pool. Traditionally, the most common residential fences were chain link or wood. If you have a wooden fence, it may be time to replace it. After all, nothing lasts forever. Even the strongest wooden fence will eventually rot and need to be replaced. Here are four signs that it may be time for a new fence around your home.

Missing or Loose Fasteners

Natural materials like wood are subject to swelling action in response to changes in temperature and humidity. This swelling action, as well as rust, can cause nails and screws to loosen and sometimes fall out entirely. When they do, you may find your fence missing some of the nails, screws, and other fasteners that hold it together. Aside from the risk of pieces falling off, losing fasteners can leave discoloration on the fence where the fastener used to be and leave holes where weather and insects can do further damage.

Broken Boards

Wood needs to be treated or it can be damaged by high heat and moisture. When the boards are damaged, you’re much more likely to see cracks and splits appear in them. The moisture can also cause bowing that makes the fence boards look and feel out of alignment. Broken or bowed boards are not just an eyesore, they can also be a safety hazard, leading to splinters, injuries, and safety concerns.

Rotten Wood

Moisture is also the quickest route to rot, which is often the biggest reason to replace a fence. Wood fences need to be sealed against water and rot, but those only work for so long. Any fence wood that is rotten needs to be completely removed and replaced before it becomes a huge safety issue.

Expensive Repairs

Most of these issues, if small enough, can be repaired so that you don’t have to replace your whole fence. However, if your fence is suffering from more than one of these issues, or if the issue is widespread, it will likely cost less to replace the whole thing with a new fence rather than repair all of the parts.

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