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How a New Fence Can Benefit Your Property in 2019

How a New Fence Can Benefit Your Property in 2019

A fence can contain your kids or dogs safely inside your property and away from busy roads.

There are lots of reasons people want to install fences around their property, from security concerns to privacy concerns. If you’re considering a new fence, there are a lot of factors to take into account: the height, the material, where it will run, and so on. The bottom line is that a beautiful, sturdy fence will improve your home value and benefit your property in many ways.


The primary concern for many people considering a new fence is privacy, and it influences many of the decisions about the fence. A chain link fence won’t grant much privacy, nor would a solid wood fence that was only 4 feet high. If privacy is your goal, your fence should be solid and tall. That way it blocks the view of people outside, whether your sunbathing or simply eating dinner on the patio. Another benefit of a good privacy fence is that it can block the view from inside (and sometimes even dampen the sounds), if there is a view you don’t particularly like or if you have a dog that constantly barks at people who go by.

Safety and Security

Another major reason for purchasing a fence is security and safety concerns. Strong security fences can help deter criminals from entering your property simply because they provide too much of an obstacle and risk them getting caught.  A tall fence can also deter wildlife, like deer, from entering your yard and eating your garden. On the other hand, a fence can contain your kids or dogs safely inside your property and away from busy roads.  Fences are also good for keeping people and pets away from dangerous things in your yard, like a pool or hot tub.

Property Lines

Installing a fence is a good way to clearly define property lines. This way you know that you and your neighbors are not encroaching on each other’s land. It also insures that you’re taking care of all of the property you’re supposed to, since you can clearly tell where your property line is.


Finally, sometimes people want to add a fence simply for the decorative element it adds to their landscaping. If a fence is too low to be a security measure, and not solid enough to provide privacy, but you love the way it looks around your roses, go for it!

Enjoy a New Fence for Your Home this Year!

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