7 Elements for Your Deck Party

7 Elements for Your Deck Party

Pick and choose from at least 7 elements to create your ideal outdoor entertainment space.

A deck is a perfect place to entertain, whether on warm summer nights, in cool autumn evenings, winter holiday festivities, or springtime cookouts. The material, color, and floor pattern of your deck is just the beginning of the possibilities for your outdoor entertainment space. Several add-ons and accessories can truly complete your deck as a luxurious social gathering.

1. Privacy Screens

Privacy may not be the first thing on your mind concerning throwing a deck party, but this feature should come into the setting as the deck’s next foundational piece. Privacy screens are, of course, for bordering the deck for added privacy. Additionally, they serve as potentially stunning focal points. The variety of privacy screen materials boasts a creative range: lattices on which fragrant vines can grow, metal, bamboo, and evergreen shrubs can do the job.

2. Seating

Seating is the next most important component of any deck. How else to enjoy it? Choosing your deck seating can be an exciting process with so many options. You can select seating with materials and a color that compliments your deck’s, with proper dimensions to fill the space proportionally. Another option is to create built-in seating on the deck. This type of seating can be as simple as a bench along the railing or as luxurious as a cushioned seat with a planter box built in its back. If lounging around isn’t your style, you can add outdoor dining furniture.

3. Hot Tubs and Spas

What better way to make a deck inviting and luxurious than with a water feature in which you can immerse yourself. A spa feature (hot tub, jacuzzi, or whirlpool) can make any outdoor living space extra inviting.

4. Appliances

More typically on a deck, however, are the appliances used for cooking food and serving drinks. The classic is the fire pit, both a center of warmth and light and the way to cook hotdogs and smores camping style. In the cooler months, installing patio heaters around the deck will efficiently promote a warm, cozy environment.

The grill and the drink station are also entertainment features to keep in mind. Make room for the all-important grill in your design layout, and think creatively for what might hold your cold drinks. Drink stations can be as small as a bucket or large as a canoe filled with ice.

5. Lighting

At night, decorative lighting is a must for a festive ambiance. Install lighting fixtures on the railing, the stairs, or the planter boxes for a longterm solution. Hang a string of lights for more decorative flair.

6. Plants

Plants are the ultimate decorative touch. Adding plants such as flowers and grasses can make a world of difference around your deck’s border or in other creative spaces.

7. Style

Lastly, make sure your design has a unified style. Using one or two colors, complimentary textures, and a single theme will tie everything together into a beautiful space.

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