Swimming Pool Fence Ideas for Maryland Homes

Swimming Pool Fence Ideas for Maryland Homes

Read on for some Maryland swimming pool fence ideas!

A swimming pool is a place to have fun, cool off on a hot day, and partake in the love of swimming. Of course, you will need a fence that will keep any outsider from falling into the pool. Do you need some fantastic swimming pool fence ideas for your Maryland home? If so, check out these swimming pool fence tips and ideas.

Swimming Pool Fence Tips

Around the Pool or Around the Yard?

A swimming pool fence must follow your Maryland county’s specific codes regarding pool fences. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence has information regarding these rules. Even so, you may find that a fence around the pool only or around the entire yard could work better. If you have any doubts, your pool fence contractor can give you some pointers.

Take Inspiration from the Pool, Etc.

If you do not have a swimming pool yet and are installing the pool and fence at the same time, wait on the fence design until after the pool is in place. The architecture of the pool, along with the house, can help influence your fence design decision. For example, if you have a modern-looking pool and a mid-century modern house, your fence ought to be a modern style.

Swimming Pool Fence Ideas

Wood and Metal Fence

Many pool fences are metal, but in suburban Maryland, you might find wood privacy fences to be more common. You can decide whether to use one, the other, or a combination of the two. An example would be a tall post-and-rail fence with a chain-link mesh.

Pool Fence with Greenery

If you have a metal pool fence but would also like privacy, you could use greenery to your advantage. Not only do evergreen vines or hedges make a statement, but they would also permanently shield your property from view, as long as they have good care.

Pool Fence with a View

On the other hand, you might prefer a fence that lets in the views. If the fence is only around the pool, visibility gives you vital supervision powers. If you live on the water, you can still preserve those river or Bay views from the pool.

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