Horizontal Wood Plank Fences: An Emerging Style

Horizontal Wood Plank Fences: An Emerging Style

Horizontal plank fences are less common, but they certainly make an impact!

Today’s homes take on plenty of different styles that have historical roots, such as the craftsman, mid-century modern, and farmhouse styles. With them are fences that are classic, rustic, and modern. There is a fence style for every property! Even so, some fence styles become more popular than others. Could horizontal wood plank fences become the next most popular fence trend?

Horizontal Wood Plank Fences: An Emerging Style

A horizontal wood plank fence can be from any wood species, such as ipe, pressure-treated pine, or cedar. It can include additional materials, such as aluminum or stone, as an ornamental or fortifying touch. Each panel consists of horizontal wood planks that could be closer or farther apart from each other.

Horizontal Wood Plank Fences: Benefits

Modern Look

Privacy fences traditionally use vertical planks, as do picket fences and aluminum rail fences. The horizontal twist certainly gives it a modern flair that is inexplicable. Overall, it gives your property a look that is refreshing and sleek.

Match the Architectural Lines

Horizontal fences typically have simple, modern lines. They don’t take on the curves that arched or scalloped picket or privacy fences do. Therefore, a horizontal fence would match the aesthetic if you have a house with sharp, geometric lines. Even so, this fence can also look great with traditional-style houses.


Horizontal wood plank fences are typically privacy fences; they are worthy of consideration if you are looking for a privacy fence but also want a modern or unique look to it. Privacy fences also help to block out noise; in general, you can expect all the benefits of a privacy fence to come with this style.

Feeling of Spaciousness

If you have looked into kitchen or bath renovations, you might have come across the idea that horizontal tiles make an area look wider while vertical tiles make a space feel taller. The same applies to fence planks. A horizontal plank fence will increase the feeling of length and spaciousness on your property.

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