Why Install a Wood Fence?

Why Install a Wood Fence?

Why choose wood over all else for a fence? There’s much to love about a wood fence!

Installing a new fence can make a significant difference to your property, whether residential or commercial. It adds a whole new outlook to your property, and of course, security. The material you choose can impact the look and quality of your land. Is a wood fence a better option compared to vinyl, aluminum, or composite fencing? Here are several reasons to install a wood fence.


A wood fence is perhaps your most affordable option; if you want to keep a minimal budget, you can save money when you install a wood fence. Some woods will cost more than others; pressure-treated pine is the least expensive, while cedar and exotic woods are more costly. One can talk with us at Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence to compare the prices of each material in Maryland.


A wood fence has unmatched beauty compared to other fence materials. Vinyl and composite can have the appearance of wood, but having a real wood fence is often the most valued. The look, feel, and quality of a wood fence simply can’t be beat. If you go with a cedar fence, you can also enjoy the insect-repelling aroma it provides.


Wood is a very versatile material, able to conform to whatever fence style you prefer. Whether you want a privacy, picket, paddock, or split-rail fence, wood is a great go-to material. Wood fences are highly customizable and can be painted or stained any color you wish.

Another fact that makes wood fencing so versatile is that when the fence is old and ready for replacement, one could always repurpose the wood for decorations, furniture material, and other uses.


Depending on the style of fence you have, you can easily deter would-be trespassers with a fence that is impossible to climb. Nevertheless, wood provides adequate security to homes and businesses, enough to give privacy and to make it clear where boundaries lie.


Lastly, although a wood fence requires some upkeep, it will last for a very long time. Some fences can last up to 40 years! Given that a fence is a major home investment, its ability to last at least 20 years is impressive. 

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