Fall Leaves and Your Deck

Fall Leaves and Your Deck

Fall leaves are falling! Here’s how it relates to your deck.

Fall is beginning in Maryland, and nothing harkens in the fall season quite like falling leaves. Autumn leaves are part of what makes fall beautiful and fun, an endless source of decorations, annual leaf piles, and vibrant color. Even so, if you have a deck in your backyard, you will want to care for it the right way during this time. Here’s more on how fall leaves and your deck relate.

Leaf Stains

If you guessed that fall leaves and your deck don’t typically go well together, you are correct. It is best to regularly sweep the leaves off the deck to avoid several problems, one of which is leaf stains. When it rains, leaves will leech an imprint of themselves on whatever surface they are on. One can see this on sidewalks as well as backyard decks. The stains can be difficult to remove, typically requiring a commercial cleaning product, so it is generally best to avoid the situation altogether.

A Slipping Hazard

Wet leaves don’t just leave stains; they also become a slipping hazard. Having slippery leaves on a deck is never safe and poses a risk to any age group. Therefore, one should sweep away the leaves before the rain or shortly afterward. Make sure the deck itself is not slippery too!

Vermin on Deck

If you allow a significant pile to accumulate on your deck, you are inviting insects and vermin to jump right in and make their home. Fall leaves make for a nice home over the winter, so it is better to clear the pile away before someone else claims it.


Wood decks can tolerate moisture when they are well-sealed, but usually, the constant presence of wet, dead leaves will begin to degrade the wood deck and cause rotting. Composite and vinyl decks will hold up better, although it is generally not healthy for those materials, either.


Giving your deck a brisk sweep now and then will keep fall leaves from being a problem at all. At the very least, those extra leaves will become fodder for bigger leaf piles! Just remember to repair and maintain the deck as needed before kicking back to enjoy the season.

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