Prepare Your Deck for Fall!

Prepare Your Deck for Fall!

Make your backyard deck a fantastic living space this fall with these steps!

It is already September, and fall is just beginning to show itself with the leaves changing color and the temperatures cooling. While everyone wants to be outside during the summer, the fall is perhaps even more enjoyable for outdoor activities. If you have a backyard deck, there is plenty of enjoyment to be had this year. Here’s how you can prepare your deck for fall! 

Clean Up

Fall is an excellent season for outdoor maintenance and improvement projects. The year is starting to wrap up, the farmers are harvesting their crops, and the weather is cool enough to do some hearty labor. Maintaining your deck is an easy task that only requires a power washer, which one can rent from the local home improvement store. Whether your deck is vinyl, wood, or composite, washing it down in the fall is necessary to prevent mold and dirt from doing damage.

Routine Maintenance

If you have a wood deck, you can lengthen its life and keep your family safe by sealing it once every few years. It is better to keep up this schedule rather than wait until something goes wrong, since damage can prove dangerous. A sealant can protect your deck from mold and mildew, rot, moisture, insects, and UV rays. The deck will gain more sun protection the more solid the stain color is.

Deck It Out

Once you have cleaned and sealed it, you can next prepare your deck for fall by decking it out with fantastic features. For example, if you feel the neighbors can see you lounging out there, you can invest in a privacy screen, lattice, curtain, planter, etc. You can turn your deck into a hot tub paradise, install a beautiful gazebo on one end for dining in style, or create a vertical garden. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence, located in Gambrills, Maryland, can help you build out your deck to the max.


Once you have cleaned, maintained, and outfitted your backyard living space, you can prepare your deck for fall even further by adding decor and comfortable fall furnishings to your outdoor furniture. If you have planters, now is an excellent time to plant some Maryland fall flowers or sow some spring seeds. Once all is finished, fall will be here in its full glory for you to enjoy.

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