Surprising Benefits of Outdoor Living

Surprising Benefits of Outdoor Living

Did you know spending time on your deck could be so healthful?

Many people choose to add outdoor living areas to their home because it adds additional space to host events. A beautiful deck with a grill might be all you need to turn every summer weekend into a barbecue bonanza. Extra entertaining space is not the only benefit of outdoor living areas, however, and you are not going to host events every night of the year. Enjoying the oasis of your own outdoor living area also provides many personal health benefits that may surprise you. Read on for more details.

Improve Vision

Spending time outdoors may improve your vision. Being out in the sunlight, even with sunglasses protection, gives the eyes an important break from the screens that we look at for most of the day. It is also essential for kids, especially those ages 6-12, as it may help with preventing nearsightedness.

Boost Your Immune System

Some studies indicate that being outside, especially around trees, may help control asthma. Natural surroundings also act to boost your immune system, making it easier to fight off sickness. Whether this is a placebo effect or simply the result of getting out of the stuffy house for a bit, a little outdoor relaxation may be the perfect thing for your family.

Reduce Stress

We often believe that we need to go somewhere that is not our home to relax, but the reality is that we do need a relaxing space in our home. Gardens and natural spaces (leaving the city for the countryside, for instance) have been associated with improved health for centuries. A big part of that is that nature helps you to de-stress. Adding natural relaxation areas to landscaping may be a current trend, but it has a long history.

Control ADHD/ADD

Studies have shown that “green time,” such as a 20-minute walk in the park, can improve ADHD symptoms in children, and that any time spent in nature daily can improve symptoms across a range of lifestyles. If you suffer from ADHD (or your kids do), consider that having an outdoor living space may help everyone cope better. You would have a space to get away from the constant stimuli inside the house and recharge.

Ease Depression Symptoms

Finally, elements of nature can be natural mood boosters and may help with symptoms of depression. Listening to natural sounds, watching wildlife, and even the ions from moving water all help improve mood and mental health. 

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