Is a Wood Fence Better Than a Vinyl One?

Is a Wood Fence Better Than a Vinyl One?

Is a wood fence better than a vinyl fence? Here’s what to know about each.

A fence is more practical and valuable than one might realize. Fences border countless homes across Maryland and are a regular part of the suburban scene. However, without fencing, property lines would become blurred, trespassing would be more likely, and unwanted escapes by pets would increase. A fence can provide much protection within and without the border. However, choosing a material for the fence is one of the hardest decisions. One may ask, “Is a wood fence better than a vinyl one?” Find out more below.

Wood Fencing

Wood is the most affordable fencing material available. Its only rival to cost is chain-link. Different wood species used for fences include pressure-treated pine and western red cedar. Cedar is of better quality, as it contains natural oils that deter insects and water damage, but it is more expensive. A wood fence will last at least two decades unmaintained, but it will be far better off with routine cleaning and sealing. 

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is one of the best man-made fencing materials on the market today. Vinyl has improved its quality from several decades ago and is highly durable and easy to maintain. It will not succumb to rot and water damage like wood might. Of course, it is more expensive than wood, so this option may not be best for those on a lower budget. 


Both wood and vinyl fencing are flexible when it comes to design. They can provide all styles of fencing including picket, privacy, paddock, and split-rail. If you want a privacy fence, then wood or vinyl would be two materials of choice. 

Both materials also come in different colors. Wood can be painted or stained, although staining will have a lower likelihood of chipping and peeling. One can choose a clear, translucent, or solid stain with sealant in it. As for vinyl, multiple colors like green, white, and varying shades of brown with a natural wood look are available.

Which is Better?

Whether a wood fence is better than a vinyl one or not depends on your sense of style, your budget, and your time commitment. Wood is affordable but requires more maintenance, but a vinyl one is a higher cost with little maintenance. Both offer great styles of all kinds. If you are still not sure, come visit the Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence showroom in Gambrills, MD!

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