Decking on Uneven Ground: Benefits

Decking on Uneven Ground: Benefits

Does your backyard have an unusable slope? Decking could be the solution.

Plenty of homes in Maryland are constructed in such a way that a backyard deck comes naturally with the house. A deck is the best alternative to the patio, an elevated area on which to relax, entertain, and garden in an outdoor setting. However, Maryland does have its fair share of sloping grounds. If your backyard has hills and slopes, here’s how decking on uneven ground could make your backyard better.

Fill Out Awkward Spaces

First, decking on uneven ground fills out any awkward spaces in the landscape. Some properties have uneven levels and awkward hills; some of the unevenness may be because of previous landscaping. Nevertheless, your uneven ground can become much more practical for spending time outdoors with creative decking solutions. A multi-level, multi-platform would be the most complex solution. When evening out an awkward landscape with decking, one should remember to leave room for some grass.

Create a Simple, Level Plain

Even if your backyard consists of one, simple hillside sloping up or down, adding a deck can help make the land more accessible, especially if the land slopes down away from the house. Without much level ground underneath, you can create more above ground. Decking can be as simple as pressure-treated wood or as refined as colored composite. With proper installation, it will last you for decades.

Create a Separate Zone

Depending on your landscape, you might find that just one or two spots in your yard need some leveling. While regrading the land might not be possible or ideal, adding a freestanding deck could be the best solution. A separate, freestanding deck could be the perfect place to set your hot tub, grill, or deck chairs. It’s best to talk with a decking company like Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence before pursuing a project like this.

DIY or Pro?

While one might have all the handiness and know-how to build a deck on uneven ground oneself, others may find this idea impossible for them. It is completely doable to build a deck on uneven ground. However, Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence can provide a custom solution in their Gambrills location and save you a lot of time, energy, and scratching your head. If you’d rather not do it yourself, Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence is here for you!

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