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Ways to Grow Vegetables on Your Deck

Ways to Grow Vegetables on Your Deck

Want to have a vegetable garden but also save space? On the deck is one way to do it.

Having a vegetable garden is rewarding. Not only do you get to enjoy the outdoors and working with nature, but you also get to reap the fruits of your labor, literally! If you have a deck, you may not need to dig up another parcel of your property to plant your garden. You may not even have enough room. Thankfully, a deck is a great platform for creating a vegetable patch as well. Below are four ways to save space and grow vegetables on your deck.

Vertical Planters

If you do not have much square footage or want to maximize every square foot you can, the best way to go is up. There are many creative ways to create vertical gardens, which happen to be in style in 2020. The simplest form may be training a vine on a trellis, an excellent option for a privacy wall. Pots on ladders, carts, and ropes, plus planters mounted to walls, are other vertical contraptions. You can even recycle your over-the-door shoe holder for the purpose.

Hanging Baskets

If you have a pergola on your deck, you can train vegetable plants like beans, zucchini, grapes, and more on the structure. Alternatively, you can hang baskets from its beams and grow your vegetables there. Hanging baskets may be the solution for keeping tasty flowers or produce from hungry critters.

Tiered Pots

If you are not interested in constructing, mounting, or setting up anything in your deck garden design, stone pots can be good enough. Even so, you can save space and increase your garden’s square footage by purchasing tiered pots or pots that can stack on top of each other, leaving room for herbs around the sides.

Custom Planter Boxes

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence offers design and installation services for custom planter boxes for your deck. Planters can sit along the edge of your deck, on either side of your deck stairs, or either side of a built-in bench. The possibilities are endless. Regardless of where or how you create your vegetable garden, plants, fruits, and vegetables are sure to liven and cheer up any deck construction.

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