Should You Paint or Stain Your Wood Fence?

Should You Paint or Stain Your Wood Fence?

To paint or stain the wood fence? There are several pros and cons to each.

With the warm weather come, homeowners may be looking at what they can do to improve their outdoor properties. The fence is one of the most important features, providing security, higher property value, and beauty to a yard. One way to protect this significant feature of your home, particularly if it is a wood fence, is to paint or stain it. Which one is the better option? There are some pros and cons to consider with each.

Painting the Fence

Painting a wooden fence has its pros and cons. One consideration is what the weather in your region is like. Paint on wood can chip away faster if you live in a rainy area, but it can last longer if you live in a drier landscape. Also, consider the type of wood you have. Cedar does not take well to paint and can deteriorate faster because of it.

Some pros of painting a wood fence include a vast selection of colors from which to choose. If you are looking to have a particularly unique property border, then paint may be better for you. Paint also tends to cost less and dry faster than stain does. All you need is a fair day to apply and let dry. On the other hand, wood fence paints wear away faster than stain does, and with Maryland’s rainy and humid seasons, reapplication will likely be more frequent.

Staining the Fence

In the meantime, staining a fence has many advantages. Although it may cost more and can take 2-3 days to dry thoroughly, you will not have to reapply as often as with painted wood. The stain, which has waterproofing in it, seeps into the wood rather than plaster on top of it. One can choose between oil-based and latex stains; experts typically recommend latex for better color retention. Stains can fully color your fence or be translucent or clear. Of course, it does not offer the variety of choices that paint does. If you are looking for a new fence in Maryland, Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence has hundreds of high-quality choices for you!

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