How to Keep Your Fence from Rotting

How to Keep Your Fence from Rotting

Keep your fence looking great this year with these handy tips!

Spring is here, and you might be planning on getting a new fence. Otherwise, you might have an older one that is starting to look not so new anymore. The fence is your property’s friend, keeping your yard private from intruders and prying eyes. It will do you and your family well to keep it in its best condition. Below are several tips on how to keep your fence from rotting.

Install a High-Quality Fence

One can build a wood fence using various wood species for greater or lesser durability and appearance. The most economical choice, pressure-treated yellow pine, will easily last for two or more decades with proper care. For a more durable fence, one can use western cedar for naturally insect and rot-resistance. Remember to hire a fence contractor as high quality as your fencing; proper installation is just as important as the fence itself.

Keep Foliage Away

Shrubbery, flowers, grasses, and trees that brush against your wood fence can deteriorate it faster. When a wood fence is smothered with foliage, moisture will collect and insects will congregate. Keep vines like ivy and wisteria off the fence as well.

Eliminate Puddles

Water damage is one of the most common ways wood fences begin to rot. Keep your fence from rotting this way by eliminating drainage issues, like puddling, as soon as possible. Flooded fence posts won’t end well. Also, it is best to keep the lawn sprinkler from splashing your fence, as this can also lead to warping and rotting.

Clean the Fence

Grime accumulates on fences over time, sticking in its very pores. A pressure washer can fix this and strip that dirt away. If dirt, mildew, and mold occupy your fence’s surface, use baking soda, white vinegar, and water to take those contaminants out. 

Seal the Fence

After letting the fence dry, it’s time to seal it, especially if you haven’t done so for the last two or three years. Sealants may contain staining, and vice versa, for your preferred fence coloration. This is the key step to keeping your fence from rotting.

Don’t Weigh the Fence Down

Lastly, don’t weigh the fence down with heavy decorations, planters, etc. Playing children should not climb on the fence or hang on the gate, and one should never pile up heavy materials that could fall against the fence. 

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