Can You Paint a Vinyl Fence?

Can You Paint a Vinyl Fence?

Many people wonder if they can paint their vinyl fence. Yes, but should they?

Wood fencing has been mainstream for generations, even centuries. The problem is, they tend to rot quickly and need numerous repairs. Enter the vinyl fence, one of the newest and most durable fencing options in the 21st century. Over the past few decades, vinyl fencing manufacturing has improved, leaving the idea of tacky, yellowing plastic fencing behind as a myth. While it has many benefits for residential and commercial property owners alike, the question still remains, “Can you paint a vinyl fence?” Yes, but the answer is more complex than that.

How to Paint a Vinyl Fence

Should you wish to paint a vinyl fence on your property, you will first need to wash it well. A pressure washer is the best tool for the job. After the fence dried completely, Next, rent or buy a paint sprayer, and spray the fence with the desired paint along the rails, posts, and pickets. One should use an epoxy-based primer and coating for a paint that will stay. Oil and latex-based paints will quickly peel, crack, and flake off with time.

What Colors Work Best?

Many homeowners will stop short at the cleaning and drying stage. Perhaps all that was necessary was a wash to freshen up the look. Ultimately, it is best to paint a vinyl fence a neutral color, like white, beige, dark brown, or multiple colors. Some vinyl fences have the appearance of wood for a more natural look. The more timeless your fence looks, the better it will serve your home in the long-run. 

Can Paint Damage the Vinyl?

Some might argue that painting a vinyl fence will damage it in some way. For example, these fences are designed for low-maintenance, but with a unique paint color, it may require more upkeep than you bargained for. As mentioned before, most paint does not adhere to vinyl, so one must be careful to choose a paint that won’t flake and won’t damage the original surface. In some cases, painting the fence a unique color might be worth it, but otherwise, it is best to keep it original.

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