Best Plants to Grow on Chain-Link Fences

Best Plants to Grow on Chain-Link Fences

Chain-link fences: strong, low-maintenance, and the perfect aid for a vertical garden.

Spring is coming around once again, and as the plants come up and people wish to spend more time outdoors, enjoying time in your backyard is perhaps the best place to start. As there are many benefits for spending time outdoors, there’s nothing like soaking up the sunshine on your own piece of land. One of the best ways to protect your property and add beauty as well to it is to install a chain-link fence, the perfect backyard border on which to grow beautiful, flowering plants.

Benefits of Chain-Link Fences

Chain-link fences may be the most underrated of all the types of residential fencing. They may be the humblest-looking fences compared to wood, vinyl, and aluminum, but they have surprising advantages over these types. They are lower cost, perhaps even out-doing wood. They also last a long time; galvanized chain-link fences have a chemical coating that protects them from rust and rot. For this reason, they also are low-maintenance. Most of all, these fences fulfill their purpose: keeping your yard from intruders and keeping pets and kids contained within it. Chain link fences have all the benefits a fence owner could hope for!

Best Flowers to Grow on Them

Maryland has a vast array of plant species that can spruce up any backyard into a glorious garden. Among these are various types of vines. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to add whatever flower you like. Vines that are great for growing on chain-link fences (both native and non-native) include:

  • Trumpet vine
  • Virginia Creeper
  • Honeysuckle
  • Clematis
  • Morning Glory
  • Wisteria
  • Climbing Rose

Each type of vine needs active maintenance for the plant to thrive. A homeowner needs to water, fertilize, mulch, and protect it from pests and disease. Be sure to research the type of plant you’d want to have for what it has to offer and how to care for it.

Vegetables for Backyard Gardens

Your chain-link fence doesn’t have to just look pretty. You can also use it for a vertical vegetable garden! There are plenty of climbing fruits and vegetables from which to choose, and who’s to say you can only grow one of them? Tomatoes, strawberries, beans, peas, cucumbers, and more are up for the picking!

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