Popular Vinyl Fence Colors

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Explore the many colors a vinyl fence could be!

Are you looking to construct a new vinyl fence? Vinyl is a fantastic option for its durability, beauty, and minimal maintenance needs. It can also take on many forms, from security fences to privacy fences to post-and-rail. Whatever your vinyl fence needs, Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence has a solution for you in Gambrills, MD. As part of your decision, consider the many popular vinyl fence colors below!


White is the classic vinyl fence color. It is sleek, smart, and clean. Of course, if it gets dirty, it will be more noticeable. Regardless, its color will go well with practically any home’s color scheme and will always be in style.


Clay or tan fences are a light neutral with an element of warmth. They are light enough to be unobtrusive, but colored enough to add warmth and interest. They easily complement home exteriors and will stand the test of time.

Light Gray

Gray vinyl fences can range from light gray to dark gray. Light gray is also a neutral that goes well with any classy or rustic home, while dark gray could make a stronger impact. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence has built beautiful gray fences, which you can see in our gallery.


Weathered Wood

Weathered wood vinyl fences can also be dark, medium, or light. The vinyl looks like wood, having grain lines and knots printed on the surface and color patterns to make it look even more natural. The color is usually gray.

Brown or Stained Wood

Vinyl can also be a chocolaty brown or any shade of natural-stained wood. It can have the yellowish-brown of oak or a darker, reddish-brown color. Any shade of brown, whether in a painted or stained look, adds significant warmth and is still neutral.

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Dark Red

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence has also seen dark red vinyl fences. They are a subtle statement piece that can make a landscape feel richer. They could be completely red or pair with another color, as in the next example.


Many fences are two-toned, with a white frame and a colored panel. Alternatively, you might see black and white or black and brown vinyl fences. Two-toned fences are highly popular today.

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More to Explore

Vinyl fences can be black, green, deep blue, etc. Talk with Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence in Gambrills, MD, to learn what’s possible!

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