5 Purposeful Pergola Design Ideas

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A pergola can take on different designs for specific purposes; check out these inspiring pergola ideas!

Pergolas are a popular outdoor feature for gardens; in fact, they have been around since ancient times. Pergolas typically have four columns connected by a roof of beams and slats; it is possible to cover the roof, but it usually is open to the sky. Pergolas are a great way to shelter oneself from the sun at different times of the day, but how exactly does it fit in the backyard? These five purposeful pergola design ideas can shed new light on the subject.

1. Al Fresco Dining Area

One can place a pergola in any place you would put an outdoor dining set. It could be off of your house on your patio or deck; it could also be at the edge of your swimming pool or in the middle of your yard. 

2. Edge Sitting Zone

Another option is to use a pergola to create a sitting area at the edge of a patio or deck. You can have a built-in bench at the edge or corner of your outdoor area and a custom pergola shading the area. It makes this zone cooler and more comfortable.

3. Outdoor Living Room

Try an outdoor living room pergola on for size! Instead of a dining set, you could have an outdoor lounge set. Add a fire pit, and you are ready for many cozy evenings outdoors. During the day, your pergola will shield you from the harsh sun.

4. Hot Tub Cover

Many people also use pergolas to shade a hot tub. You don’t want to have the sun beating on you while you enjoy the hot tub outdoors; a pergola is an excellent way to add shade without blocking sunlight or ventilation totally. It can also make quite a statement.

5. Free Space

Some people do not have anything underneath their pergola. It could be a space on your deck or patio free for multiple activities, from dancing to lounging to dining to playing games. A pergola creates a separate zone in an outdoor space; what you use that space for is up to you!

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