Using a Pergola All Year Long

Using a Pergola All Year Long

A pergola is a great outdoor structure no matter the season.

A pergola is an ancient structure dating back to Egyptian times. Its long history proves it to be a classic kind of outdoor structure that one can make use of for a long time without fear it will ever go out of style. Likewise, it will never go out of season, as using a pergola all year long is perfectly possible. Here are the ways one can use a pergola all year long in their backyard.


In the spring, the weather begins to warm up again, and the plants begin to sprout new leaves and shoots. Flowers are at their freshest and brightest in the spring. One can also enjoy cooler weather, which means spending time outdoors is a breeze. One can enjoy spring blooms by training vines to grow over the pergola, creating a canopy of spring foliage and flowers. If you add slats over the roof, you can still enjoy the pergola during spring showers.


When the sun grows strong in the Maryland summers, you can sit cool as a cucumber under your pergola. If you have trained vines over your pergola, you can continue to enjoy added shade and beautiful blooms. Some people might train edible species on their pergola, such as grapes, zucchini, blackberries, and passionfruit. At the very least, the pergola provides much needed shade during the hottest days.


The air grows cooler again when fall comes around. The pergola still provides shade and a designated place to enjoy some refreshments alone or with friends. In the fall, you can continue to enjoy your pergola in more temperate weather. If need be, it is also a good time to clean the structure and make any necessary repairs.


You don’t have to avoid the pergola in the winter. In fact, it can help you create a cozy atmosphere outdoors. A fire pit or some space heaters can add all the warmth you need. With some festive cushions and comfortable seating and blankets, you can enjoy a merry winter in the comfort of your pergola.

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