5 Different Ways to Decorate a Pergola

5 Different Ways to Decorate a Pergola

Make your new pergola look its best through a myriad of ways.

Despite the summer season coming to a close, there’s no better time than the fall for adding a pergola to your property. In Maryland, the fall tends to be pretty mild, so what better way to enjoy those brightly-colored leaves than to spend your time outdoors? While there are different types of pergolas from which you can choose, this post will focus on how you can further make your pergola your own. Here are five different ways to decorate a pergola.

1. Lights

Hanging a string of lights across the horizontal beams of your pergola is perhaps the most popular way to decorate your space. Adding a string of simple bulb lights will make all the difference in creating a pleasant ambiance and enabling nighttime outdoor living.

2. Curtains

Outdoor curtains can give privacy, define spaces, give shade, and add personality to your pergola. You can get curtains designed to withstand rain, snow, and humidity, not to mention the unrelenting glare of the sun. You can think ahead as well, and protect yourself from mosquitoes when summer comes again. Curtains are both practical and infinite in the possibilities for color and pattern.

3. Slats

Another way to increase the amount of shade you get under a pergola is to add slats. These slim planks can be a stylish way to block the sun out further. They can be made from metal, aluminum, vinyl, or wood. It is also possible to line these slats down one or more sides of the pergola to create a more defined room.

4. Plants

If you are a nature lover, having a pergola in the first place can aid your love for gardening. It is the perfect architectural structure for training vines, hanging potted plants, and installing planters. Instead of using slats or curtains, one can also utilize the beauty of plants to create a relaxing and private space. 

5. Seating and Furniture

Lastly, no pergola would be complete without furniture, unless you want to use one as a stage or dance floor. Unless you are one of those few, you most likely want to be able to sit down in your outdoor abode. There is flexibility here; a dining set, an outdoor sofa and chair set, a hammock, and a bench swing are your most popular options. 

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