How To Choose The Right Pergola For Your Home

Are you considering installing a pergola in your backyard? If yes, we are here to tell you about all the different types of pergolas you can choose for your backyard. Read to learn about them to get started on your home addition.

Building a pergola can enhance the beauty of your home while adding more monetary value to your home. When choosing a pergola you want to pick a design and style you can love for years to come.

The perfect pergola design for your home will be one that matches your house and blends in with your backyard atmosphere.

Here are just a few existing designs of pergolas you can choose:

Cladded Design Pergolas

The cladded design pergola consists of a roof in its design. The roof is beneficial because it protects you from the harsh sun rays.  With the cladded design you have cladding options to choose such as the shade cloth, acrylic, steel panels, wooden latticework and sails.

Open Top Pergolas

This pergola design is an open roof made to support vines and trellises. This is a perfect pergola for households that want to enhance the natural look of their landscapes. This pergola complements wonderfully gardens.

Gabled Pergolas

A gable pergola is a structure made of sloping roof halves. The roof halves have triangular spacing at the end of each of them.  The shape and structure of the gable pergola makes it capable of being used as a cross beam. If used as a cross beam, you can suspend shade cloth or any other type of screening material. You may also choose train vines to decorate the beam. This is a perfect pergola to install if you want the best of both worlds (indoor and outdoor living room).

Pitched Pergolas

If you are looking for a pergola similar to patios and verandah roofs, a pitched pergola could add to your home living style because it is attached to your home. If you add the right sliding doors and windows to this pergola design, it can make a classic living room.

Sail Pergolas

The sail pergola is a popular backyard feature.  Its design consists of a large sail with stretched taut between poles that come in diverse heights and distances. You can get creative with this pergola because it comes in a range of colors to fit perfectly with your backyard color scheme.

Pergola Infills

This type of pergola is a non-structural filling element. This means it is used to fill empty spaces in your pergola with materials that are used to fill the spaces between handrails and lattice barriers.

Infills are great for blocking out wind and sun rays. They are also great for enhancing privacy.

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Mid Atlantic designed and built wooden pergola structures for years. One of the biggest concerns that our clients had with wooden pergolas was the constant painting and staining it required to keep them looking good year after year. With our new vinylpergolas the maintenance has virtually disappeared, all you need to do is to wash them down once or twice a year with a simple soap and water solution.

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