Pergolas Can Spice Up your Landscape

Pergolas can be a very nice addition to any space. The two most common uses of them is attached to your home or as a separate outdoor room away from your home. They can also be attached to your deck or patio for additional space.

As this article explains, “Pergolas are great for focal points in the backyard. The backyard pergola can be a cheaper alternative than a building gazebo and much easier to build.  You could also design your pergola to be used as an entry to a large area in your backyard or build one to be used as a transition from one outdoor room to another.” Pergolas are nothing more than a large arbor in your backyard that can provide shade, a nice open and airy room, and support climbing plants and vines.  One thing to consider about where you place your pergola is the sun.  The way that you place your pergola and your top beams will dictate the shade and shadows that your pergola creates. Most pergolas are made  of wood, but can also be made of aluminum, vinyl, or steel.

Along with stand-alone pergolas, they can be attached to your house for a nice accent.  For these, the building materials should complement your home. Try to incorporate some colors or materials that are included in your home’s scheme. The article explains, “By installing a stone or wood floor, adding built in sitting, or a table and chairs, permanent planters, flower containers and some outdoor lighting you will have created a great outdoor room. Vines and climbing plants will soften the look of the pergola and makes it more inviting.”

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