Cleaning Your Deck and Fence

Wooden decks and fences look great when they are first installed, but if you want them to look that way for years to come you will need to properly maintain and clean your outdoor lumber products. Once you new deck or fence is put in place, it will immediately begin to deteriorate. All lumber products go through a drying process, which means your wooden structure will experience some warping, cracking, twisting, splitting and shrinking. This is natural and will not affect the structural integrity of your deck or fence. However, there are several steps you can take to greatly reduce the effects of drying.

The use of a good quality wood sealer or stain can greatly enhance the life of your deck or fence. Make sure whatever sealer or stain you are going to use is suitable for the species of lumber that was used on your project. Another preventative maintenance method is power washing, which combined with sealer/stain can help to keep your deck or fence looking new for a long time.

But if yearly cleaning/maintenance is not for you, consider having a low-maintenance deck installed. Remember, decks are supposed to be treats, not chores. Low-maintenance decks look great and require little to no yearly maintenance. So you can have you deck without the hassle.

If you have any questions, contact Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence by calling 1.800.833.9310 or click here today! Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence has the largest selection of low maintenance decking products to choose from in the area. They also offer re-decking, which is where we use your existing deck framing and apply one of their many low-maintenance decking products.


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