How to Keep a Screened Porch Clean

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Keep your screened porch clean year-round with these tips!

A screened porch is a lovely place to be in the fall and spring. Even in summer and winter, there are ways to keep the temperature ambient and enjoyable. As you read this post, you are likely wondering how to keep a screened porch clean. In Maryland, you likely experience a lot of pollen and grime coming into the space every year. These tips will help you keep it clean year-round with minimal effort.

Deep Clean Your Screened Porch Annually

Performing a deep clean is an effort, but it is helpful to do for any room in your house. You can easily clean your screened porch within no time. All you need is a vacuum for the floor and windows and a damp cloth to catch extra particles around and on the windows. If your screened porch has a ceiling fan, don’t forget to dust it, too! Wash or wipe down porch furniture and wash any fabric cushions, blankets, etc. You can even give decorations a dusting.

Practice Clean Habits

You’ll have less to clean if you already keep it as clean as possible through good habits. Clean habits could include wiping your shoes before entering or removing shoes altogether. Another habit to practice that you likely already know is to clean up well every time you use the room. Do not leave trash or food around, and wipe up spills and remove crumbs. If you clean as needed, you will always have a relatively clean screened porch.

Install a Screened Porch Enclosure

You can do even less work during your “deep clean” by installing a screened porch enclosure. Clear, solid panels can work in tandem with window screens to give you all the sunlight without the rain, pollen, and dirt. When the weather is clear, you can open up the windows and still keep the bugs at bay.

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence Installs Eze-Breeze Panels

Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence uses PGT Eze-Breeze sliding windows for all screened porch installations and enclosures. These lightweight panels have vinyl glazing that is flexible and hard to break. The vinyl panels slide up and down easily and are removable. For more information, contact Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence!

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