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Best Placement for a Pergola

Best Placement for a Pergola

Love the idea of a pergola? Here’s where you might place one.

If you are thinking of getting a pergola for your landscape, you are making an excellent choice. Pergolas are classic structures that have been used for centuries, providing shade, sun, and a place for all kinds of climbing plants to grow. As charming as these outdoor features are, a homeowner must ask the practical question, “Where should I put it?” Depending on how you would like to use it, you have two main options for the placement of a pergola.

Think Purpose

Everything in the backyard should have a purpose for being there, both practically and aesthetically. Before choosing what features to include in your yard, you will want to decide how you want to use it. Do you want to entertain, relax, or garden? Are you thinking of having an outdoor dining set or an outdoor kitchen? Maybe you want to create a sanctuary away from the house. If a pergola fits the purpose, a homeowner can then choose where it might fit.

Two Types of Placement

There are two main types of placement for a pergola: attached to the house or detached from it. An attached style may be more cost-effective and practical. They make great patio or deck covers and keep the outdoor living area close to the rest of the house, limiting travel to and fro. When attached, they also need only two columns rather than four. On the downside, if you have a back or side door that is particularly shady, adding a pergola will make the area and that part of the house even darker. Also, if the house has a low roofline, an attached pergola may be too low for people to stand under it.

A detached version works if you want to create a separate area on the property. You may choose a specific location because of the view it offers, like the garden or the swimming pool. If you have an extensive patio or deck, adding a pergola can invite people to hang out there more comfortably, especially if it is next to an outdoor fireplace or kitchen.


Along with the purpose of your pergola, consider what size you will need to achieve your goal. Will an attached pergola give you the space you need to host however many people? Its size will ultimately depend on its purpose, the house design, and the property. All these aspects must fit together to create a cohesive look and flow. To get an expert’s eye on the matter, contact Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence for your outdoor living needs!

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