How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Outside

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Thinking of hosting Thanksgiving outside this year? Check out these tips.

Thanksgiving is at hand, and with it comes the busy preparations for the gathering of family and friends. You can celebrate Thanksgiving in more ways than one; while there are variations on the traditional feast, you can also spread the joy to other areas on your property. Are you wondering how to celebrate Thanksgiving outside? Here is what you will need to make it happen.


Outdoor lighting is essential, whether you are hosting Thanksgiving outside during lunchtime or dinnertime. You will first want to make sure your backyard has enough lighting to travel throughout the area to your back door. You might even want to check that the sides and front of your house have sufficient lighting as well. Also, add festive lights to your Thanksgiving dinner location of choice.

One or More Tables

You don’t necessarily have to get one long table to fit all of your guests. Depending on your space, you could also use one large round table to fit all your folks. Another option is to split your party into multiple groups at different tables. For example, adults can sit at “the big table,” and kids can sit at a smaller table. 

Choose Your Location

The location of your outdoor Thanksgiving party is the most important part of the plan. You can choose between multiple spots, depending on what outdoor living features you have. For example, you could host the dinner on your deck, screened porch, gazebo, or patio, especially if your patio has a pergola or pagoda for shelter. 

Keep Warm

You don’t want your guests to be shivering at the dinner table. You can keep amply warm with patio heaters on your patio, deck, or table. Aside from the dining table, a crackling fire on the fire pit can keep you toasty no matter the temperature. 

Prepare Your Outdoor Spaces

If you are planning to celebrate Thanksgiving outside, you will need to start with the fundamentals. Make sure your outdoor space is clean and structurally sound. It doesn’t hurt to do a deep clean of your deck, overhead structure, or screened porch before setting the table. With a clean base, you’ll be ready to celebrate.

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