Pagodas: Perfect Pavilions for Parties


Ready for a solid roof overhead in the backyard? Try on a pagoda for size.

Are you looking to make your backyard into a place where people can gather around a campfire or a festive table full of delicious food? Are you looking to create a haven suitable for you when you need a personal retreat? There are many ways to create one, such as with a patio or a deck. If you would like some shade overhead, then a pagoda might be for you. Here’s what make pagodas perfect pavilions for parties.

What Is a Pagoda?

Technically, a pagoda is an Asian structure. It is an Eastern temple of worship that has a very characteristic roofline, pyramidal in shape with curling corners. However, it could also mean a pavilion, which can have a pyramidal-shaped or hip roof. It is a solid roof with four supporting columns. Sometimes, it might also have a cupola. It is different from a gazebo, in that it is rectangular or square instead of round, and different from a pergola, which does not have a solid roof but a similar shape. A pagoda is synonymous with a pavilion.

Pagoda for Your Home

You might have seen pavilions in public settings, such as at a park. A commercial pavilion can host large parties; you might have even gone to one of them in your lifetime. Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence installs pagodas, pergolas, etc., for businesses as well as residences. 

How can a pagoda fit on your property? A pagoda could sit directly outside your back door on your deck or patio. It could also stand alone in your backyard on a separate platform, which would be fitting if you have a particularly large backyard. They vary in size, so you can scale one to an appropriate dimension for your home.

How Much Does One Cost?

The cost of a pavilion/pagoda installation could be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. If you are curious about how much one would cost for your backyard in Maryland, you can contact Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence for an estimate.

Create an Ideal Outdoor Living Space with Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence

A backyard living space could be the perfect place to enjoy company on a warm summer night or a cool autumn evening. Explore all your options with Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence, from decks to screened porches to gazebos to pergolas. If a pagoda seems like the perfect pavilion for a party, please reach out to Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence!

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