What to Love about Gazebos

Is a gazebo right for your property? Here’s what to love about gazebos.

Gazebos are ancient outdoor living features; they first appeared in ancient Egypt. Since their ancient origins, gazebos have been functional throughout the ages. From time in memoriam, gazebos have been beautiful and practical for multiple reasons. What is there to love about gazebos? Let’s hit a few of their benefits.

An Entrancing Structure

Subconsciously, people might immediately get a historical or Victorian feeling when seeing a gazebo. This structure has a solid roof with multiple railings and columns. It is usually open, but some versions are screened. Its columns, railing, and roof can take on various ornamentations; some have a cupola to give ventilation. Overall, gazebos are quite beautiful and can give an air of a distant time.

Improve Property Value

Gazebos improve property value in that they can make the property more functional and appealing. The more developed and well-maintained your property is, the higher its value will be. Plenty of people looking for a new home would love to have an outdoor living space, a backyard that is already fully functional. If a gazebo is fitting for the design, it will have a positive ROI.

Protection from the Sun & Rain

A similar structure you might consider instead of a gazebo would be a pergola. Pergolas have slatted roofs, meaning they are open to the elements and only partially block the sun, depending on the time of day. If you want an outdoor living space that protects you from the sun and the rain, a solid roof is better. Gazebos can safely keep you from getting burnt or wet.

Functional in Multiple Ways

Many people have plenty of reasons to love a gazebo because there are so many ways to use one. It can fit many different needs. What could a gazebo be for you?

  • Outdoor dining room
  • Outdoor office space
  • Outdoor craft space
  • Poolside rest area
  • Outdoor dance spot
  • Outdoor entertainment space
  • Private outdoor sanctuary

A gazebo can serve many purposes that ultimately make your backyard a more pleasant place to be. Is a gazebo right for your backyard? Learn more with Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence!

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