Gazebo Styles for This Spring


Looking to enhance your backyard or garden? Get yourself a gazebo to have a place to relax on those beautiful spring days.

Now that spring is here what better way to enjoy the warm weather than by adding a gazebo to your backyard scenery. A gazebo is not only a great accessory to your backyard or garden but is also a grand addition for someone that enjoys the outdoors. There are different designs of gazebos, so you will be able to find one that will compliment your yard or garden.   


This style of this gazebo is probably the most popular design. With its round design, and it usually has a dome roof supported by four pillars. The design is seen primarily in parks as a spot to enjoy some shade on a warm or hot day, making it perfect to have in your backyard or garden. With the circular design, if you erect one in your yard there will be enough room for you any guests you may have over your house.


This style of a gazebo is considered the most traditional of the three. The design is an octagon shape with open sides supported by four pillars or more depending on the size of it.  This will allow the cool spring and summer air to flow freely. Although the octagon shape is the typical style used, it is also available in either rectangular and oval designs to compliment your yard a bit more. This style is primarily located next to the main building and is perfect for you and your family to entertain guests on a beautiful day by having enough room for furniture for people to relax during the spring or summer days or nights. Also, with this style of gazebo having a party outside is perfect because not only will you get fresh air but you still have a roof over your head just in case it should rain.  


This style of the gazebo is the most majestic looking because it has many similarities to Victorian houses. The design includes intricate detailing on the beams, braces, and panels and are made primarily of wood and are painted white or left in their natural wood coloring. Also, the roofs of these pavilions are steep and gabled roofs just like Victorian homes.  People who purchase this style of gazebo either have a Victorian home or they want to give their backyard a sense of majestic.

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