Adding a Cupola to a Gazebo & More

Adding a Cupola to a Gazebo & More

What is a cupola, and should you include it on your outdoor structure?

Your outdoor living space needs something. Most likely, it needs some form of shade. If you live in Maryland, you are in luck; Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence offers all kinds of outdoor structures such as gazebos, pergolas, screened porches, and pagodas. Have one already? Perhaps you need something more to this, too. Consider adding a cupola to a gazebo, pagoda, etc.!

What Is a Cupola?

A cupola is a square, round, or octagonal structure that sits atop a roof to provide natural light, ventilation, or both. On top of barns, garages, sheds, or homes, this invention helps to keep the room beneath it dry, well-lit, and well-ventilated. 

Types of Cupolas

As mentioned, every cupola has a rounded, square, or octagonal shape. It can also have different types of roofs, such as a dome or steeple. On its sides, it might have either glass windows or louvers, vents that continuously allow stale, warm air to rise out of the building. On top of the cupola roof, you can place a decorative finish of your choice. Finials, bell tops, and weather vanes are common options.

Most cupolas will be either wood or vinyl. You might want to match the cupola material to your outdoor structure’s material, or mix it up. Either way, you can paint or stain the cupola whatever color you want.

Cupola Applications

When adding a cupola, you can add it to a number of outdoor structures. In general, it is applicable for structures with a solid roof, such as a gazebo, a pagoda (also known as a pavilion), and a screened porch. Your cupola will provide ventilation so that no matter what the weather is, you can feel cool and fresh in the shade. It can be especially helpful if you plan to use a fire pit, fireplace, or space heater in this area. Should smoke, sparks, or excessive heat enter the arena, your cupola will vent it out while letting you enjoy the fire or the warmth.

Is a Cupola Right for You?

Is adding a cupola to your gazebo, pagoda, or screened porch right for you? Should it have louvers or windows? Mid-Atlantic Deck & Fence, located in Gambrills, MD, can help you out!

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